1. Andrea in Piota
    Lago di Lecco 2013

    Canon AE-1

  2. It’s been a while since I uploaded something, I’ve been really busy during this last months with work..but anyways  here I am

    Teatro Franco Parenti
    Milano 2013.

  3. Eliplaza, México
    Minolta Autocord

  4. From the top: Italy to Mexico
    Canon AE-1

    by Ivone Martínez

  5. Palenque
    Canon AE-1

  6. Casa Chiapaneca
    Canon AE-1


  7. norwegianwo asked: Your ikea bedding looks so much better than mine! Haha. The power of photography ;)

    ahahaha do you have it too?, thank you! it was a pretty sunny day in Milano (which is weird by the way..) c:


  8. c0updevent asked: bella blog :D

    Thank you! also yours is full of good stuff!

  9. Perro callejero
    Canon AE-1

  10. Niña Chiapaneca
    Canon AE-1